What is special about this breed?

The Abyssinian cat, usually abbreviated as Abyssinian or affectionately known as “Aby”, is considered by many cat lovers as the direct descendant of the ancient Egyptian cat.

Granted – a similarity in terms of appearance, certainly with the cats of the Pharaohs. Officially, however, the first cat of this breed traveled in 1868 from Abyssinia (Ethiopia) to Great Britain; This cat (named “Zula”) is still considered the founder of the Abyssinian:

Distinct personalities with strong character, who are extremely active, intelligent and very people-oriented. Sensitive cats also need a lot of attention.

With great curiosity, they observe their environment and would like to participate in everything: Everything that comes under them, is carefully examined and taken under the paws!

Abyssinians are very sociable and enterprising; if they have to live their lives alone, they will be lonely – then sadness is inevitable.

So the perfect buddy for cat friends with “Full House”! Even a large family with several pets does not bring “Aby’s” from the rest: where is really something going on, feel Abyssinian well! However, you should not restrict them too much and always give them enough freedom.

Are there any features that only the Abyssinian have?

The slender figure, the wedge-shaped, narrow head, and the oblique, large eyes give the “Abys” their oriental appearance. They are rather calm and prudent, do not moan very loudly, are not as loud and communicative as other cats, but have a very personal, charming way of communicating with their people.

The coat of the Abyssinian is short, very fine and fits tight. “Ruddy” or “Usual” is called the “wild color” or “original color”, one of the most popular fur colors of the Abyssinians – very distinctive – a reddish warm brown tone with black pricks!

The bales on the paws are black in color; the back is decorated with a small dark line. Inside, the legs are as orange like the belly.

A curiosity in the cat world: The Abyssinian kittens are born with dark fur, which gets brighter over time!

It usually takes a few months, then the coat finally has its final color. And in an Abyssinian is the gene for a long coat; Kitten with different hair lengths (long/medium length) can occur in one and the same litter!

Worth knowing about attitude and care

Abyssinians are true bundles of energy with a strong urge to move, which they enjoy living out in company with other cats! But they also come out with dogs and other animals – yes, there are even lifelong friendships. Abyssinians also get along very well with children, if they are old enough, they have to deal with the animals and think up new games for the clever cats.

You should definitely provide the Abyssinian stable scratching and climbing trees as well as toys that challenge intelligent animals.

Otherwise, they will get bored quickly.

Also, Freigang or an outdoor enclosure with sturdy tree trunks for climbing will delight the Abyssinian heart!

The short aby-fur does not require intensive care. It is perfectly sufficient if the coat is combed regularly with a fine comb and then brushed with a natural bristle brush.

During the change of coat, remove loose hair daily so that the cats do not shed too many loose hairs when grooming. Now and then check the ears and if necessary clean them with a special lotion.

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