What is special about this breed?

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In essence, the American Shorthair is very similar to the European Shorthair; no cat is the same as the other, there are very different traits depending on the environment and character. And that not only affects their appearance, but also the inner values: one cat is a little more cautious and restrained, while the other is a courageous daredevil – a jack of all trades!

However, the representatives of this breed have two things in common: they enjoy playing and are extremely well-tolerated with their domestic and conspecifics. The game and hunting instinct is very pronounced and continues into old age: in advanced age, they are no longer as flitting as at a young age, but always with great zeal! So watch out for mice! When an American Shorthair enters the area, the air gets very thin!

Are there features that only the American Shorthair has?

Freedom I mean

The American Shorthair likes to be at home, plays, and cuddles with her people, but she is not an outspoken “lap cat”. She decides when you feel like it and how much she loves you.

Now and then she wants to get out in the fresh air, out into the wide world. Then she goes on a raid to set her territory and see what’s new. But sometimes she moves further away from home, but always comes back home. She is affectionate and faithful, knows exactly where she belongs, where to wait for her.

But only in your own home? – this is not for this independent cat, does not correspond to her nature; she needs a large living space in which she can switch and act freely.

Worth knowing about attitude and care

Well maintained

The majority of grooming is done by a shorthair cat like the American Shorthair normally; So every day you do not necessarily need to pick up the brush.

But even without a thick undercoat, she loses hair and is happy if you help her with the grooming, because the hairs, which you take off her, they can not swallow when cleaning. Sometimes cats can not excrete all hairballs by natural means – such a Brush action is therefore not only beauty but also health: it stimulates digestion and promotes blood circulation.

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