Some people go to the forest to look for mushrooms, others take their dog for a walk. I belong to the second group. But everything was different that day …

A hot summer day – even the birds did not feel like chirping at the heat.

There was a cooling lure in the forest pond.

But instead of plunging into the water, my bitch remained excitedly snuffling at the edge of the forest. All the whistling and calling did not help – so I went back to see what she had discovered: I could not find anything exciting at first.

There was only a light gray stone on the forest floor.

But when I just wanted to take a closer look at the supposed stone, it moved at once! That was not a stone, but a tiny, light gray kitten with steel-blue eyes! Curled up and already pretty weak. A handful of a cat, which I picked up carefully and took home.

Since we are a pure “dog house”, we were on cat visit not really set. So get it in the local pet shop and equipment: basket, box and special litter for kittens; since the kitten was so small, extra kitten milk was also prepared for mixing. So – everything ready for the cat rearing – I thought.

But I had the bill unfortunately made without our dog!

After the kitten had recovered a bit, it ran straight behind the dog and murmuring loud – it probably thought: “Four paws, fur – MAMA!”

And our old dog was completely overwhelmed and has only taken off!

It went so far that he eventually retired completely. Therefore, we have decided with a heavy heart to hand over the kitten to animal welfare for mediation.

Although the kitten was only with us for a short time, it was hard to impress us.

We will never forget with what iron will it has struggled back to life step by step: suspended, completely dehydrated and barely 200 grams

– but tough and wildly determined to live!

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