Phase 1 of habituation

She is still anxious and you wish that she becomes trusting? But she takes cover as soon as you approach.

Or she even takes off her clothes and hides from you. – Please do not take this personally, just leave it alone!

When you approach, make it as slow as possible.

Give her enough time to study and get an idea.

In no case corner them and do not force them – this will only do the opposite: they will completely entrench themselves and become aggressive because they feel threatened.

Ensure a stress-free environment

Cats are usually not fans of change. They love rituals, their usual places, comfortable rest breaks. All this is only granted to them if they know the processes and the environment; So that your cat feels lifted, you can create your own quiet poles.

These may be elevated spots or caves where she feels secure – even if the “out there” is not quite appealing.

You can not completely hide the everyday life, but at least avoid loud noises or hectic actions – that helps the shy guy very much! Leave the rooms to her to make her picture of the unfamiliar territory: Your cat must first find his way and look around in peace. She wants to explore the new terrain to feel safe.

Only when she realizes that you are in no danger, will she gain confidence and allow (more) closeness.

Make sure there are enough space and hiding places

Give your cat options so she can retreat when things get tight in her eyes.

When cats are afraid, they usually react with escape; if she has a sanctuary where she feels safe, that eases the situation. This is her place waiting for her when she comes in distress – that calms her.

These are the places where she likes to take a long nap later or doze off. A hiding place – just for her. Since she can relax completely and without fear.

Cats find increased retreat places. But also cave-like hiding places are gladly taken. A place under the bed or in a niche between two cabinets is also not to be despised.

Anyway, your cat will choose her own places – but help her a bit, and do not block her possible loopholes, but leave her all options.

Leave your cat alone

We humans always think that it helps if we take care of ourselves; This can be fatal with a shy cat. The more we “feed” the frightening creature, the more it will seek the breadth.

So please do not pursue and discuss like a Tibetan prayer wheel!

Cats understand these treatment approaches smoothly miss and disappear all the more. It’s best to follow your usual routine:

Everything as always – you should do without loud noises – so vacuum cleaners and other loud household helpers just take a break during this phase; it is only so long until your cat has acclimatized and is not so scary anymore.

Give her enough time

Already Balu from the jungle book knew, peace and coziness are the keys to success! Let your cat have the time she needs. This can be very different from cat to the cat: one overcomes their shyness faster, the other takes a little longer.

In any case, you should provide in this phase for a peaceful environment.

Avoid – as far as possible – hectic and noise.

Give your cat time and space: every positive experience will strengthen her and make her more self-confident: “Nothing will happen to me when I get out of hiding!”

This is already the first step. The more positive experiences she has, the more self-assured and trusting she will become. Out of fear can be so hesitation, then trusts and finally trust.

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