Phase 2 of habituation

Then do not make the mistake now and follow it! Following the motto:

“Ah finally! There she is! She wants to see me … ”

With that, you could ruin everything again! She will probably choose to flee again and stay in hiding for a long time; this is not refreshing for you or the cat.

Therefore, look at the body language of your cat; How your cat looks, if she is anxious, you could already study: she buckles, makes a hump, folds the ears aside, the tail can also be slightly bent. The pupils are extremely dilated in anxious cats:

Interpret the body language of your cat correctly

Your cat tells you everything you need to know with her body.

Therefore, pay attention to their body language :

How does she set ears, tail, and whiskers? What does her facial expression look like?

Often, she also adds body language to her with haunting sounds …

Facial expressions and speech for reassurance

If you talk to your cat, then as calm and calm as possible, in low pitch.

Social mimicry works in humans by copying the body language of the other person; the one who is copied feels sympathetic to others.

In cats, this is only limited – you can also mimic bad gestures and facial expressions of your cat, you simply lack the means! (Although there are curious approaches to it …)

You are a human being, but you can also show your cat that you mean well with her and that you are afraid of your very own, “humane communication”.

So, when you see that your cat is afraid – how can you calm it down with your body language and facial expressions?

Do not stare at your cat

An eye for an eye – the cat’s version: If you observe how cats handle each other, you will find that they usually look directly into the eye when an attack is imminent or when the situation becomes unpleasantly worse.

The direct eye contact is in Katzenkreise as a sign of dominance.

“What are you looking at? – Do you want to challenge me? ”

However, it should rather be avoided a fight: the opponent should – intimidated – best not withstand the gaze and blow to retreat.

If you fix your cat with your eyes, she could think in the worst case, an attack is imminent! Or you make her dispute something. This can feel threatening and withdraw.

Blinzle you occasionally short too. This is a friendly smile on “KΓ€tzisch”.

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