What is special about this breed?

Even a non-cat connoisseur usually recognizes a Siamese cat! And no wonder:

her long body, the coat color with the distinctive badges, the face mask and the expressive, deep blue eyes give her a characteristic look that sets her apart from all other purebred cats.

As exceptional as their appearance is, so special is their nature:

Siamese are strong personalities who not only demand attention but are also very affectionate when they have their people in their hearts. It is therefore called the “dog among the cats”. They’re known for their perfect fit, and they’re very lively and entertaining-amusing assets in their family.

And a Siamese cat always draws attention!

They are famed for their talkative nature, holding in-depth conversations in all pitches with themselves or their roommates. They love it when everything revolves around them and they are at the center of the action. They also like to be pampered extensively – “Extreme Couching” with their people is one of their favorite disciplines!

Are there any features that only the Siamese cats have?

Like most Orientals, the Siamese cat is a very imposing and elegant appearance: its body is long, slender and very supple. A delicate physique, while still muscular. What strikes is the tail, which tapers to a very fine tip.

Unlike many other cat breeds, Siamese has a “Roman profile”: a long nose runs straight up to the forehead without kinking or bulging.

Siamese kittens are completely white at birth. The face mask and the badges on the tail, ears, and legs only develop over time. When the kittens are three years old, they usually have their final coat color. Cold temperatures around them cause the color to turn darker: Cats that are not or rarely in the outdoors, or at home in a very warm climate, have a lighter coat than those whose coat is subject to frequent temperature fluctuations.

A special feature – the Foreign White: this white Siamese cat always remains white, even after birth.

Her coat is silky, very soft and has a little undercoat.

Apart from the coat color, however, Foreign White and Siamese have the same breed status (FIFe category IV, SIA Siamese).

Worth knowing about attitude and care

The affectionate Siamese do not only need interaction with their humans, but also with their mates or other animals. So, if you decide to take on a Siamese cat, you should think twice about having enough time to spend a lot of time with them daily and best of all to house at least one of your peers or two Siamese cats.

A cat alone, without a connection, will otherwise be very unhappy.

Siamese cats have a pronounced play instinct but are only suitable for children in advanced age who understand that the animals also need their freedom, a bit of peace and species-appropriate retreat.

These cats are willing to learn and intelligent, so they also want to be challenged.

From their people, they can even learn great tricks when they deal empathetically with them for a long time!

The short fur of the Siamese is extremely easy to care for. It has hardly any undercoat and does not stain heavily, so daily grooming is not really necessary. When the coat change is pending, it looks different; If due to the change of hair, many loose hairs are on the way, you should remove this with a moistened cloth and finally comb with a fine comb.

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