What is special about this breed?

The Bengal cat – the “mini-leopard” for your own four walls

Wildcats have always fascinated us, humans!

They are beautiful, have a confident, majestic appearance, but they are usually very shy of people – they even prefer to avoid us.

Early on, people tried to get used to the “beautiful savages”. But this worked out only in exceptional cases; most of the time things went quite wrong – in part, the attempt had to be paid even with life.

But was not abandoned. And in 1963 it finally worked! Then managed to breed a new breed of cats – long-desired humanity was fulfilled:

From a cross of Leopard cat and various domestic cats, the Bengal cat was born.

A cat as beautiful as a wildcat, but meek and clingy like a domestic cat. In a sense, a “mini-leopard” for the home – only much more affectionate and fixated on “their” people!

In 1986 this new breed was recognized.

Are there any features that only the Bengalis have?

As Bengalis are very friendly and human-centered, they have gained more and more fans over the years.

If you are looking for a cat that is very related to your human, likes to cuddle and play with it – a Bengal is just right for you! With her friendly nature, the Bengal is an ideal family cat – even children come with her – provided they are used to cats and at a suitable age, so that the handling is animal-friendly.

Unlike most other breeds, Bengal loves water!

This can even go so far as to make you feel comfortable when bathing or showering …

Besides, they are great climbing artists! Everything is climbed to look out from above.

And they are very talkative: they have an incredibly rich vocabulary and are happy to share it!

  • It will never be boring with a Bengal cat!

Worth knowing about attitude and care

Bengalis are very active and need enough space and freedom to develop freely.

They are curious and intelligent and want to be challenged: think of the best from time to time and other exciting ways to play and offer new, species-appropriate toys.

And above all, allow enough time, reserved for playing with the “Leo”!

Bengalis are jumpy and should, therefore, have to scratch posts and scratching facilities that are stable and do not go straight to their knees.

Like all cats, the mini-leopards like to have comfortable loungers, cuddly pillows or “nests” where they can retire for a nap.

An easy-to-clean food and water bowl is also part of the basic equipment.

Cat lavatories in quiet places ensure intimate cat hygiene .

Since most Bengalis are ” water rats “, they are happy when there are safe splash possibilities.

For grooming a soft brush is sufficient, because her silky coat is, except for a cashmere Bengalkatze, relatively short and very dense.

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